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We will create a partnership and optimal plan that works for you and your family and one that takes into consideration all the elements you are facing together.

If you have questions about the Amicable Divorce Network or Divorce Mediation, please view the FAQ below or email

Questions about the Amicable Divorce Network?

Better Divorce Academy is a member of The Amicable Divorce Network™, an organization for professionals who work in a divorce related industry AND an Amicable Divorce Process™ whereby the parties to the divorce, and their selected professionals, are committed to settling their matter in a low conflict and efficient manner.

A divorcing couple agrees to use members of the network for their case so that everyone involved has the same amicable mindset and has received the appropriate training on the process.

We are here to help parties seeking a respectful divorce process. Professionals in the Amicable Divorce Network have made a commitment to respect the amicable divorce process to help parties navigate divorce while providing experienced advice and services along the way.

If you are reading, you have questions about if your divorce can be settled amicably. Amicable Divorce is NOT recommended for cases which involve mental or physical abuse of spouses or children, substance abuse, or even mental health issues. Better Divorce Academy can help guide you on the right path.

Divorce can sometimes be a fluid situation with emotions and feelings involved beyond our control. If at any time you feel that you need to exit the Amicable Divorce process and pursue a traditional divorce process, you may do so at any time.

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