Book/Writing Coaching

book writing coaching

From concept to completion, I’m with you every step of the way with my book/writing coaching service.
I help you organize your project, determine your schedule and select a completion date as a goal.

Phase 1 : Foundation

Before You Start Writing.
Understand the process. Get clear on your goals and motivations. Who is your ideal reader? Assess writing skills and establish a committed writing schedule. Craft your hook. Build your outline. Introduction of The Hero’s Journey template.

Phase 2 : Creation

The Writing Process.
Set a daily word count. Kickstart your writing process. Walk through consistent writing. Handle any resistance and sabotaging behaviors. Complete your manuscript. Learn to work with the multitude of editors. Craft the skill to self-edit. Understand the decision to self-publish or traditional publish.

Phase 3 : Implementation

The Path to Publication:
Create a platform. (email list, social media, conventional media, speaking, podcast, YouTube, radio, organizational affiliations) Create Website/Landing Page. Broaden your reach. (Blog/Vlog, become local expert) The road ahead with traditional and self-publishing. Find a literary agent. Craft your pitch. Write your book proposal. Launch your book. Promote your book.

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