Career/Business Coaching

Assessing your talents and creating an action plan. Working together to maximize your potential. Setting you up for job satisfaction and ensuring ultimate career success.

Understanding your unique personality traits and characteristics, faulty and sabotaging behavioral patterns, core values and strengths is a key element in selecting the right career path.

Phase 1 : Foundation

Four, 2-3 hour sessions clarifying your objectives

  1. your unique purpose (Dharma Code)
  2. design a road map to achieve your goals
  3. resolve communication problems and manage conflict
  4. creation of a written outline of business plan

Phase 2 : Creation

Creation of plan* for Phase One to consist of 4 categories:
  1. Marketing (IE: Domain, Host, Branding, Logo, Color Scheme, Lead Magnets, Social Media, Business Cards, etc)
  2. Products (IE: Course Portal, Program, Book, Membership, Group/Private Coaching, Videos, etc)
  3. Sales (IE: Webinar, Social Media, Podcast, Email, Funnels, etc)
  4. Customer Satisfaction (IE: Onboarding, Merchant Account, CRM, FAQ’s, Support, Mentoring Groups, etc)

Phase 3 : Implementation

Launch and Execution of Phase Two Business Plan*:
IE: Landing Page, Website, Payment System, Funnels, SEO, Insights, Ads Manager, etc.

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