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Better Divorce Academy personalized mediation service guides you through all forms of alternative dispute resolution, setting goals, making informed decisions and working to create the next chapter of your life that you desire and deserve.

Learn new methods of effective communication as we develop a healthier atmosphere that defuses tension and focuses on problem-solving.

It’s my life’s work to help empower women and couples so they can make the best choices for themselves, their family, and their future.

If you have concerns or questions, please view the FAQ below or email to set up your private divorce mediation consultation.

Questions about Divorce Mediation Services?

Yes, I’m a Certified Divorce Coach and Credentialed Divorce Mediator determined to help you figure out what steps to take next… and provide the expert advice you need every step of the way.

If you are thinking about divorce and preparing for divorce mediation, you probably have many questions and concerns. During an initial consult, I will get up to speed with your case and best course of action. Our talks will be confidential and my commitment to you is a judgment-free conversation for you to share your honest struggles, soak up helpful advice and… get answers!

A Mediator facilitates communications and assists in negotiations. As a neutral and impartial mediator, they do not coerce the parties or control the outcome and will not provide legal, financial, or other advice.

Mediation begins with opening presentations by the parties and/or their representatives. There is an opportunity for joint discussion, private meetings, resolution, continuance of process or impasse.

If an agreement is reached, the mediator can assist with agreement writing. If parties are unrepresented, advise them that they have the right to counsel and have any agreement reviewed by an attorney prior to signing.
The agreement, once signed, will have a significant effect on the rights of the parties and on the status of the case.

Yes, 80% of the time.

Mediation is a process and sometimes takes time to make progress and reach an agreement. As a skilled facilitator of alternative dispute resolution, mediation is highly effective means of resolving communication conflicts, clarifying issues, managing emotions, assisting each party in understanding the dispute from the others perspective, exploring the interests and needs of each party, promoting and managing the exchange of information, balancing the power, assisting in negotiations, encouraging the development of proposals, providing information to the parties on how to avoid impasse, assisting the parties in identifying possible solutions and drafting the mediation agreement.

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