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Meet – Your New Divorce Coach, Divorce Mediator
and Amicable Divorce Pro

*well, one whose goal at LEAST is always the same: empowering YOU to leave your heartbreak behind and
start livin’ la vida loca.

When it comes to helping you walk away with dignity and swagger, I do it all, from coaching to mediation to amicable divorce guidance.

How did I get here?

It’s been a winding road. I left the dance, yoga, and birthing world behind to start my own business when I saw divorce’s devastating effects on families, couples, and children—and you know it isn’t pretty.

It’s been a winding road. I left the dance, yoga, and birthing world behind to start my own business when I saw divorce’s devastating effects on families, couples, and children
—and you know it isn’t pretty.

High Asset Divorce
Coaching and Mediation
the BDA way

I was once the OG divorce victim.

We’re talking 8.5 years of a fully litigated divorce case. Oh, and toss in a 12-day trial and 4-year state supreme appellate court process. Fun times, amirite?

But I got through it. And you will, too.

500+ clients and 1k+ students later, I KNOW what helps lock in million-dollar settlements (yup, that happened) as a private Credentialed Mediator and Certified Divorce Coach for long-term, high-conflict, high-asset divorce clients all over the US, Canada, UK and beyond.

You’ve Probably Seen Me Around, Giving Whip-Smart Advice

I’ve been featured in many high-profile divorce podcasts: Divorce Girl Smiling, The Divorced Women’s Guide, Divorce and Beyond, and the MD Sue Show.

You may have seen me LIVE on-stage or as a guest on Pure Wow, Going Solo, Warrior Arise, Life After Divorce, I’m So Done With Him, From the Bottom to the Top, Future Advisory Board, Amicable Academy, Let’s Talk Business, and The Natural Healing Reel.

Or maybe you’ve joined one of the transformative private island retreats I’ve hosted. If not… you’re missing out on a whole lotta pampering, lip-smacking yumminess and thigh-slapping fun.

Also, in no particular order: I was the first Reebok model, walked the runway in Cole Swimwear, and played Agnes Fitzgerald in The Kennedys of Massachusetts. It’s been a blast and it’s given me the tools, perspective and
expertise to support YOU.

ALL Of Your Options as Healthy

Over the years, my boutique academy has tackled cases for owners of 8-figure businesses, candy companies, financial firms, and fashion icons—many of them didn’t find the support or compassion they needed from high-net-worth divorce attorneys who were just in it for the cash. (They hate that I say that…sorry not sorry)

We’ve even worked with a couple that was married for just 6 months with a baby on the way!

Forgive me while I bend down to pick up the examples I just dropped, but we work on the reg with ridiculously fab married and divorcing couples just like YOU who are ready to clarify their GOALS and SAVE THOUSANDS. 

My team’s guiding philosophy is simple: it’s all about a success strategy and that tranquil feeling of


“I can live with that AND avoid court results.”



Our Approach to Divorce Mediation and Coaching Hits Different

No. 01: We Spread the Love and Accessibility

We don’t keep success secrets or formulas to ourselves.

Instead, we have at least 1 free training or tutorial for every topic we’re asked about and give our clients unlimited access and communication

—don’t worry, we get our beauty sleep.

No. 02: We Help You Avoid the Fees of High Net-Worth Divorce Attorneys

We don’t believe in hiring a family law attorney right away and at every turn—no, not even uncontested divorce lawyers.


Because with us in your corner, YOU GOT THIS. You CAN be your own best advocate (and you need to be) given expert guidance and framework.


No. 03: And Then We Spread More Love

We firmly believe that it’s possible to work from a place of peace, not anger, and intelligent divorce coaching lets you do just that.

Our team is OBSESSED with figuring out how to help fearful folks contemplating divorce get smart and strategized.

Credentialed Mediator

More About Paulette,
Your New Divorce BFF

I live outside of Atlanta with my beloved husband and our Chiweenie Lulu who can’t stand Amazon deliveries. Baking butterscotch cookies is my fave… but I’d put down a cookie stat to work with someone like YOU.

So, what do you say we pop some kombucha and get the good stories out— starting with yours?

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Let’s Play the Get-to-Know-You Game

Motto to live by: Slow down, do less, feel more

Fave bloom: Gardenias and lilacs

Fave heroes: Underdogs

What I collect: Mid-century vases, quotes, seashells, and pretty things

Weekend Playlist: Earth Wind and Fire, Sade, B-52’s, Snoop Dogg, America, Bob Seger, Yacht Rock

Greatest Regret: Not waiting until I was at least 30 to marry

Go-to drink: Kir Royale, Dry Farm Wine, Club Soda with Lime, Kukicha tea…can I have 4 go-tos?

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