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I won the lottery in divorce.

I am the .001%

97% of divorce does not go to trial and of the 3% that do go to trial only 1% of that 3% goes to the appellate court!

Well, that was ME.

Not knowing what to think — or being financially in the dark but emotionally void or worse…emotionally calm but a walking fiscal nightmare — shouldn’t be the thing holding you back from divorcing with dignity, grace and success.

Quite frankly, continuing to be a babe in the woods isn’t winning you results, it could also be holding you back and keeping you stuck.

Because no, your life —and future are yours to create and learning to be a “credible legal client” is NO joke! (your success with your attorney depends on it)

That’s where I slide in, ponytail on, laptop in hand all Reese-in-Legally-Blonde at your service.

It’s been a winding road. I left the dance, yoga, and birthing world behind to start my own business when I saw divorce’s devastating effects on families, couples, and children — and you know it isn’t pretty.
High Asset Divorce Coaching and Mediation the BDA way

I wear THREE hats in the divorce world.

Ready to Talk?

BDA Does Divorce Differently and Better

I act as a Credential Private Mediator that works with couples who are committed to avoid litigation.

No one is the plaintiff
No one is the defendant
No one is suing the other

I act as a neutral party that facilitates a conversation between the parties that allows them to create an uncontested Memordum of Agreement

I then hand that agreement to one of my transactional attorneys who take that MOA and write up the legal paperwork and submits it to the court and in 30-90 days the couple is divorced and neither party ever has to step foot in a courthouse.

but it takes 2 to tango in those cases
I act as a Ceritifed Divorce Coach where I work with one of the parties

I hold their hand lock arms with them walk through the fire and step by step personally guide them through all the way to the other end.

I personally support, guide, and coach clients from the very early stages of contemplating divorce to thriving and healing during and after the entire process.

I always say I would get divorced FOR you if I could cuz I’m really good at it.

BUT it’s not legal

So I get divorced WITH you.
In addition to my work at Better Divorce Academy, I’m the Director of Coaching and Case Management for Divorce Right Inc.,

We offer a 2 tiered solution on the impact divorce has on business culture and bottom line through

#1 HR department divorce sensitivity training
#2 course, group and private divorce coaching programs

Better Divorce Academy allows clients to stay in control, try to stay out of court, maintain their dignity and create the right team of professionals FOR THEM.

We're dedicated to making divorce a better experience for everyone involved.

Celebrate ALL Of Your Options as Healthy

Over the years, my boutique academy has tackled cases for owners of 8-figure businesses, candy companies, financial firms, and fashion icons—many of them didn’t find the support or compassion they needed from high-net-worth divorce attorneys who were just in it for the cash. (They hate that I say that…sorry not sorry)

We’ve even worked with a couple that was married for just 6 months with a baby on the way!

Forgive me while I bend down to pick up the examples I just dropped, but we work on the reg with ridiculously fab married and divorcing couples just like YOU who are ready to clarify their GOALS and SAVE THOUSANDS. 

My team’s guiding philosophy is simple: 

it’s all about a success strategy and that tranquil feeling of

“I can live with that AND avoid court results.”

Our Approach to Divorce Mediation and Coaching
Hits Different

We Spread the Love and Accessibility
We don’t keep success secrets or formulas to ourselves.

Instead, we have at least 1 free training, blog or tutorial for every topic we’re asked about and give our clients unlimited access and communication

—don’t worry, we get our beauty sleep.

We Help You Avoid the high fees of Divorce Attorneys
We don’t believe in hiring a family law attorney right away and at every turn—no, not even uncontested divorce lawyers.


Because with us in your corner, YOU GOT THIS.

You CAN be your own best advocate (and you need to be) given expert guidance and framework.
And Then We Spread More Love
We firmly believe that it’s possible to work from a place of peace, not anger and intelligent divorce coaching lets you do just that.

Our team is OBSESSED with figuring out how to help fearful folks contemplating divorce get smart and strategized.


More About Paulette, Your New Divorce BFF

I live outside of Atlanta with my beloved husband and our Chiweenie Lulu who can’t stand Amazon deliveries. Baking butterscotch cookies is my fave… but I’d put down a cookie stat to work with someone like YOU.

So, what do you say we pop some kombucha and get the good stories out— starting with yours?

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Motto to live by: Slow down, do less, feel more

Fave bloom: Gardenias and lilacs

Fave heroes: Underdogs

What I collect: Mid-century vases, quotes, seashells, and pretty things

Weekend Playlist: Earth Wind and Fire, Sade, B-52’s, Snoop Dogg, America, Bob Seger, Yacht Rock

Greatest Regret: Not waiting until I was at least 30 to marry

Go-to drink: Kir Royale, Dry Farm Wine, Club Soda with Lime, Kukicha tea…can I have 4 go-tos?

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I won the lottery in divorce.

I am the .001%

97% of divorce does not go to trial  and of the 3% that do go to trial only 1% of that 3% goes to the appellate court!

Well, that was ME.

I personally endured an 8.5 year fully litigated case that included a 12 day trial that took place over 9 months and after all that living hell…(please excuse my french)

there was a FOUR year state supreme appellate court process.

It cost a TON of money, years of my life tied up in court and it nearly destroyed me and my family.

the funny thing during this time I could barely help myself but time and time again other’s reached out to ME for help..

I called my attorney Marty (gutta remember I was born in Boston)

and told him what happening.

I asked him if I should go to law school…
he smiled and said you know Paulette you think like a judge act like a lawyer and feel like a therapist you owe it to give back and help people you my dear have experienced what 99% of people never will… that experience gives you the depth and the breath of the entire divorce process

Full Circle

my personal experience gave me the awareness, skills and strength to help countless others facing mediation, divorce, high-conflict litigation and ever-changing family dynamics.

It drove me to do a tremendous amount of education, training, internship, mentoring and certification and create Better Divorce Academy, author the #1 best selling book, workbook, and the 8-module self-paced course: Better Divorce Blueprint and host The Better Divorce Podcast.

With my team of experts, we blend private mediation with Certified Divorce Coaching to help you stay in control, make wise decisions, and maintain your dignity.

I’m here to transform divorce and create an optimal experience for YOU.

The one I didn’t have 😟

but you can.

Gain the wisdom you need with cutting-edge coaching services designed for those seeking results!

30-Minutes Preparation and Planning Assessment

  • Our unbeatable $75 preparation and planning assessment, taking just 30 minutes, will lay the foundation for your success in knowing your best options.

Up to 90 Minutes Coaching Consultation

  • Elevate your progress with our exclusive one-on-one divorce coaching and private mediation consultation, spanning 60 to 90 minutes, at only $299.

Our team of expert coaches specializes in understanding your needs and analyzing your situation.

Let’s explore your goals, overcome challenges, and create a personalized roadmap to successfully divorce.

Invest in yourself and experience unparalleled support and expertise.

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