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The Better Divorce Blueprint.
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Paulette is truly an expert in her field! When I found myself struggling to navigate the complexities of my divorce, she stepped in and helped me tie all the loose ends together. Her guidance not only gave me clarity but also the confidence I needed to take the next steps. Throughout our collaboration, her extensive knowledge of the industry proved indispensable in streamlining the process and fostering a smooth, stress-free experience. Theres no doubt in choosing the Better Divorce Academy!
Brittany N Lauren
Paulette gave me wisdom through her advice. She was very responsive and empathetic. I spent one month with her as my coach and I am handling divorce much better than I otherwise would be. I am now responding calmly instead of blowing up which will work in my favor in my case and in life. I felt we had some disconnect at times, with me trying to tell my story and her pushing me to move on before I was ready. Overall I felt validated but didn’t feel completely heard at times. I recommend Paulette for your divorce with a difficult personality. She’ll tell you things you don’t want to hear, but you need to hear.
Renee Rowland
Paulette's a game-changer in divorce litigation. With her guidance, you'll know what to do and she genuinely has YOUR best interests at heart, unlike others. No regrets hiring her.
Rachel Johnson
I can't thank Paulette enough for her invaluable support during a time when my marriage was hanging by a thread. Her deep knowledge, unwavering support, and flexibility were a lifeline that prevented me from taking the drastic step of divorce. In just two conversations, she provided clarity on my options and helped me find a path forward. Her warmth and empathy felt like a ray of sunshine in my darkest moments. Paulette is a remarkable professional and a genuine blessing. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone facing relationship challenges or contemplating divorce. Her guidance was instrumental in helping me navigate a difficult chapter in my life.
Ribeka Cruz
Paulette was amazing to work with. Her knowledge and empathy made the divorce and mediation process go so much more smoothly than I anticipated. She also has great contacts, so you can be confident you'll be covered no matter what. I highly recommend working with her!
Virginia Collins
I’m not sure anyone who has been through one would say they had a ‘good’ divorce. It seems to me an oxymoron, kind of like a ‘good’ death. But, as both an attorney and someone who has experienced divorce in multiple ways on a personal and professional level, I can attest to the fact that there definitely ways to have a ‘better’ divorce, and Paulette can absolutely help you find them. She is a powerhouse of knowledge in this arena and is an amazing asset to those struggling through the life-changing upheaval that comes with the process of ending your marriage. Her amazing skill set is unique, creative, and the best way I can think of to come to the other side of divorce as a more whole person. I highly recommend her and her process!
Susan Baudhuin

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Take a listen to this Divorce Dialogues interview with Paulette and learn how to create a Blueprint For A Better Divorce

We can’t wave a magic wand and make your divorce easy...
But we can make it better by arming you with the uncontested right information.


Divorce Predictor Quiz

Are You Married To A Narcissist

Better Divorce eBooks

Gain access that include insights, solution-oriented guidance and thought-starters. Guidance I wish I had when I went through divorce.

Awakening: A poem

This beautiful, soul-lifting, life-giving poem is for those periods in your life when you’re lost.

How to Feel Good

Check-in with your health with this worksheet designed to highlight areas that can affect your health, stress, and overall well-being. Now is the time to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

Questions to Ask Professionals

This list will lessen the emotions and give you the uncontested language you need to meet professionals.

Create Bright Light from Dark Moments

Explore a crucial step in leaving the darkness behind. Change your perspective, illuminate new thinking and remember what makes you unique.
Not sure where to start?
“The Smart Guide to gracefully divorce: 21 strategies to implement today”

Budget Worksheet

Use this template to clearly walk you through the entire process of creating your financial statement and budget. 

50/50 Co-Parenting Template

Use This Incredible Template for the very best co-parenting plans that allow for fair time and attention.

Summer Break Worksheet

Use this template to be sure summer vacations are just that …vacations.

Holidays & Vacation Dates

Use this template to eliminate arguing and confusion over who gets who on those special times of celebration.

Divorce and Your Pets

Use this template to be sure your fur babies are treated lovingly and fairly too. 

Divorce Tech Tools

Keeping documents organized, creating easier co-parenting schedules, and legal research tools.

Co-Parenting APP

Fayr was born out of two desires: to become a better co-parent, and to make the experience of co-parenting better. After his separation, Michael Daniels found it a constant challenge to be the best, most present father he could be. The time he wanted to spend focused on his children was instead taken up by tedious documentation, scheduling and preparing for court. Why wasn't there an alternative to this time consuming, anxiety producing way co-parents were forced interact? Enter Fayr. Our app encompasses the whole range of co-parents needs - financial, documentation, geo pinpointing, scheduling, communication - for the entire time you're co-parenting. What makes us different? At Fayr, it's not just about efficiency and ease (though we love those). We also help you create a better co-parenting experience by providing tools for: constructive communication, argument diffusion, and emotional support.


We Parent & SupportPay​

By special invitation from Founder Erika Englund, Paulette Rigo is an Advisory Board Member of both Support Pay and We-Parent.

All Better Divorce Academy clients receive lifetime FREE memberships to both!

  • Your code for both products is the same: PROREFER
  • Please note that WeParent is a family subscription, meaning one parent will sign up on behalf of both parents (and/or step-parents)
  • SupportPay is an individual subscription, meaning each parent signs up on his or her own. Both may use the same code. SupportPay is most functional when used by both parents, as that allows for payment/receipt of support and expenses, communications between parents, and a dispute-resolution process. However, it is possible for one parent to utilize SupportPay unilaterally as a way to organize and manage their own records

Our Family Wizard

The leading app for more peaceful co‑parenting

  • Streamline your parenting schedule, shared expenses, and communication with the #1 court-recommended co‑parenting app.
  • Co-parenting can be tough. You are navigating an unexpected new reality. OurFamilyWizard helps reduce conflict—so your kids have two healthy homes.
  • Simplify your shared parenting schedule and request/accept time trades in one click—reducing tension from back-and-forth negotiation.


Soberlink strives to erase the stigma of alcohol monitoring by designing and developing the very best technology for a modern, discreet user experience.

  • In 2016, Soberlink gained FDA 510(k) clearance for medical use, and is widely utilized by major treatment facilities and clinical programs across the country.
  • Data shows that groups who include monitoring in their recovery plan, like pilots and doctors, have better outcomes. Our alcohol monitoring system makes the process of documenting sobriety simple, convenient, and affordable.
  • Soberlink’s remote alcohol monitoring system documents sobriety with the highest level of reliability and accuracy to foster trust and peace of mind.

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I won the lottery in divorce.

I am the .001%

97% of divorce does not go to trial  and of the 3% that do go to trial only 1% of that 3% goes to the appellate court!

Well, that was ME.

I personally endured an 8.5 year fully litigated case that included a 12 day trial that took place over 9 months and after all that living hell…(please excuse my french)

there was a FOUR year state supreme appellate court process.

It cost a TON of money, years of my life tied up in court and it nearly destroyed me and my family.

the funny thing during this time I could barely help myself but time and time again other’s reached out to ME for help..

I called my attorney Marty (gutta remember I was born in Boston)

and told him what happening.

I asked him if I should go to law school…
he smiled and said you know Paulette you think like a judge act like a lawyer and feel like a therapist you owe it to give back and help people you my dear have experienced what 99% of people never will… that experience gives you the depth and the breath of the entire divorce process

Full Circle

my personal experience gave me the awareness, skills and strength to help countless others facing mediation, divorce, high-conflict litigation and ever-changing family dynamics.

It drove me to do a tremendous amount of education, training, internship, mentoring and certification and create Better Divorce Academy, author the #1 best selling book, workbook, and the 8-module self-paced course: Better Divorce Blueprint and host The Better Divorce Podcast.

With my team of experts, we blend private mediation with Certified Divorce Coaching to help you stay in control, make wise decisions, and maintain your dignity.

I’m here to transform divorce and create an optimal experience for YOU.

The one I didn’t have 😟

but you can.