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Getting Started Checklist

The smart woman’s guide to gracefully divorce: 21 strategies to implement today

The Thriving in Chaos Project

Listen and learn as experts in their fields share tips and tools to thrive in the chaos

Can your marriage be saved?

Questions to ask yourself before you consider


Better Divorce eBooks

Gain access to these eBooks, that include insights, guidance, and thought-starters. This is guidance I wish I had when I went through a similar experience to yours. 


How to Feel Good in Your Body
Check-in with your health with this worksheet designed to highlight areas that can affect your health, stress, and overall well-being. Now is the time to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.


Create Bright Light from Dark Moments
Explore a crucial step in leaving the darkness of a life that doesn’t feel like the right fit for you: a change in perspective, illuminating new thinking, and remembering and returning to what makes you uniquely you.


Awakening: A poem
I want to share this beautiful, soul-lifting, life-giving poem with you for those periods in your life when you’re lost, when you’re waiting to wake up but when you’re not even sure what you’re waking up from.


Questions to Ask Professionals
When the question whether to divorce or not is raised… fear, confusion, sadness and overwhelm is a natural response. I prepared this list for you to lessen some of those emotions and bring a sense of understanding and clarity.



As a Divorceify​ Vetted Professional, Paulette has access to some useful resources that can help support you during this process. You can access these resources below.


Budget Worksheet

Use this template to clearly walk you through the entire process of creating your financial statement and budget. 


50/50 Co-Parenting Template
Use This Incredible Template for the very best co-parenting plans that allow for fair time and attention.


Summer Break Worksheet
Use this template to be sure summer vacations are just that …vacations. 


Holidays & Vacation Dates

Use this template to eliminate arguing and confusion over who gets who on those special times of celebration. 


Divorce and Your Pets
Use this template to be sure your fur babies are treated lovingly and fairly too. 


Divorce Tech Tools

Keeping documents organized, creating easier co-parenting schedules, and legal research tools.

From Michael Daniels CEO of Fayr

Certified Divorce Coach Atlanta GA

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Better Divorce Preparation Summit

Top experts join forces to share the Do’s and Don’ts of Better Divorce Preparation

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