You’re in the right spot.

I feel you.

Divorce can be the most draining, grueling and overwhelming chapter of your life.

As a Certified Divorce Coach I meet you where you are, support you every step of the way, help make the unbearable grief manageable and give you the recommended resources you need when you need them.

As a Mediator, I stand with you and your spouse as a neutral party so your process is steady and successful. Together we determine the unknowns, roadblocks and uncertainties and allows both parties to create a resolution and agreement.

Divorce Coaching Atlanta GA

My philosophy

Divorce isn’t a failure, but a new beginning... to move through the fear and create the life you desire and deserve.

My Services

Certified Divorce Coach Atlanta GA

1:1 Confidential Coaching

Better Coaching personally guides and empowers clients going through the challenges of HIGH CONFLICT divorce and life’s transitions until they thrive on the other side.

This high-touch and deeply supportive mentorship is based
on years of personal and professional experience that brings the knowledge, clarity and insight needed to see through the weeds of chaos without overwhelming emotions taking over.

I meet you exactly where you are (pre, post, or in the midst of divorce) – and create a clear, forward-moving, compassionate individualized plan to take your journey out of  ‘damage’ and into ‘manage’ mode.

From confusion to conclusion, I am dedicated to coaching you through the many facets of divorce- contemplation, organization, research, red flags, conflict, family dynamics, custody and co-parenting, selecting the right professionals, lawyer speak, new expectations, heartbreak, financials, living situations, state laws, mental well-being, career paths, exploring all new possibilities and the many unexpected roadblocks.

I am in your corner, no matter what. 

I’m your unstoppable force of support while you begin to transform your life.

Better Divorce Academy


Mediation Preparation Service guides you towards setting goals, making informed decisions and working towards creating the next chapter of your life that you desire and deserve.

Mediation is also available for all types of family law cases including custody, child support, parenting plans, asset division and spousal support.

Learn new methods of communication as we create an atmosphere that defuses tension, focuses on problem-solving and creates a mutual agreement without going to court.

Divorce Support Groups Atlanta GA

Court Preparation

Although you may have preferred mediation or a collaborative divorce, you or your spouse may be unable or unwilling to go that route.

Now you’re stuck preparing for litigation that may include being on the witness stand or undergoing a deposition.

Paulette offers guidance that very few people can offer every step of the way due to her unprecedented case.

Divorce Coaching Atlanta GA

Career Transition Support

Are you facing the future with fear? Perhaps child support or alimony may be modified or coming to a close and you are NOT ready to be independent financially. You feel unprepared to re-enter the work force or unsure of how to start your own business.

Are you considering up-leveling your education and skills? What skills and passions do you have that you can utilize and want to share with the world?

Entrepreneurship is an intelligent, exciting, exhausting and action oriented risk and you need a plan. How do you do all that and not go broke?

Paulette is an expert at helping women successfully reinvent themselves in business, dating and lifestyle.

Ready to get started or still unsure?

More ways to receive support.

Online Course

How to Divorce a Narcissist

You are not crazy.
You married a narcissist.
It is not too late to save your future.

If you are…

  • Looking to create a roadmap needed to gain insight and wisdom to get out with your finances in order and thrive on the other side
  • ​Considering how to safely leave your marriage with your dignity and sanity intact
  • In the midst of divorce and find yourself falling for all of the non-stop excuses and tactics used by a narcissist
  • Finalizing your divorce with a narcissist but still need to manage co-parenting without losing your cool
  • In any stage of divorce but his grasp on you still feels manipulative and heavy
Better Divorce Blueprint Companion Book

Book - $14.99

Better Divorce Blueprint

Better Divorce Blueprint is a personal guide committed to saving time, money, relationship and heartache and changing the landscape and outcome of the divorce journey for every member of the family particularly the children.

Learn to brush aside the fears and step into creating the future you desire and deserve. Learn to create strategies to have clear and efficient direction, move resiliently through extreme stress, and save precious time and money to create a satisfying solution and find purpose, safety and freedom.

Divorce Planner and Journal

Workbook - $29.99

Better Divorce Blueprint Hardcover Workbook

Divorce is overwhelming enough without having to deal with all your emotions and the financial and legal paperwork. When you are organized you are more confident and you are more likely to navigate the journey more wisely.

Your Workbook helps you manage your divorce. Written by Better Divorce Academy, this book empowers you to take control.

No Matter What Deck of Cards

Deck of cards - $34.99

No Matter What
The Inspirational Card Deck

Keep this beautiful inspirational deck of cards with you to use in times of confusion. This 52 Card Deck is filled with direction to help guide you.

Each card is an opportunity for clarity and focus. Give yourself the gift of 15 minutes weekly (minimum) to spend with the truest part of your self.

Shuffle the deck. Choose a card. Recite the word out loud. Flip the card over and read the message and see how this best fits your question at hand. Keep the card in a visible place during the day and through-out the rest of your week to gently remind you of what you are focused on.

Stay strong. Know that you are well, safe and loved.

Grey Sweater Club

It’s no secret – there is strength in numbers.

This uplifting and intimate inner circle meets twice monthly virtually and in person and will help lead you through the most difficult time of your life – linking arms to find the community, connection and understanding you seek.

Tresa Hennessey

"How to Rebuild your Life after Divorce"


Better Divorce Summit

Top experts join forces to share the Do’s and Don’ts of Better Divorce Preparation

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