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provides strategic alternative dispute resolution and divorce coaching,
allowing clients to
save time, money and heartache.

Save Thousands Less Waiting Clear Decisions

Mediation: Balanced resolutions

Quick Process: Time-efficient results

Divorce Coaching: Empower Your Decisions

Paulette Rigo - Divorce coach and Mediator

Meet Paulette: Certified Divorce Coach, Private Divorce Mediator and

your personal divorce BFF.


Take a deep breath.

Let’s get divorced together.

You CAN discover the inner strength to overcome crippling emotional pain, defeat helplessness and CREATE a meaningful, fulfilling life regardless of divorce.

You don’t need more legal smithery to make your divorce shorter, cheaper, and less traumatic…you need wise science.

Better Divorce Academy
Divorce Coaching

I’ll help you get strategically clear, organized, researched and prepared for the road ahead so you can increase the odds of having an optimal experience with success-driven results.

If you’re thinking about divorce but scared to take that big step, I understand because…


I’ve been there.

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Transformative Mediation

Discover the power of mediation, fostering communication and leading to positive outcomes. You are not Alone!

Expert Guidance

Gain insights from experienced divorce mediators and professionals, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Get clear on the experience and outcome you want

Transformative Mediation

Discover the power of mediation, fostering communication and leading to positive outcomes.
You are not Alone!

Master your divorce preparation

Practical Strategies

Streamline the process with practical strategies for efficient, cost-effective, and emotionally smoother divorce.

Stand out with your strategy

Considering Divorce

Considering Divorce?
You’re Probably Wondering:

  • Will leaving my toxic spouse result in a high-conflict divorce?
  • Do I need a LAWYER to get a divorce?
  • How can I avoid dropping a ton of cash on legal fees?
  • Can I afford to KEEP THE HOUSE after the divorce papers are signed?
  • What is DIVORCE MEDIATION? How long does divorce mediation take? Is it expensive?
  • Can my marriage be saved? Is amicable divorce possible?
  • How will I and my children ever get through this?
  • I’ve been married for decades and I’m scared to be alone—

  • will I ever be happy again?

BDA Does Divorce Differently
and Better

Here’s our data-driven, success-based 3-step system:

Stick to the data.

Then, we dial up the (cocktail party) charm:


Let’s layer in your sparkling personality, authentic voice, and backend story that is hiding out in your “shelf-help” TBR bookcase.


We’ll add them to your
proven divorce frameworks
like my BLUEPRINT BDA Formula.

Stack in your goals.

Clearing the clutter by zeroing in on the data.

Identify what your goals are ach-u-ally saying (or learn how to with my marriage timeline hacking method) inside Better Divorce Blueprint, ‘cause dem the facts.

Let’s make DATA-DRIVEN DECISIONS and process the gut-wrenching emotions every step of the way.

Add leverage.

Finally, we’ll refine your compelling strategy and build the right team
for YOUR success.

Divorce coaching rocks, but I’m not afraid to talk about money and your future: get ready to woo some wallet-opening financial future forward action.

You’re gonna need to raid the champagne cabinet…;)
the moment you see your vision clearly.

Roadblocks? Navigated.
Obstacles? Overcome.
Happiness? That’s up next.

BDA is a boutique divorce coaching business and divorce curriculum source

We welcome you at any stage of your divorce.

This is no jack of all trades sitch:

we play favorites, and our favorites are people in

  • long-term,
  • high-asset,
  • high-conflict (yup the narc is our jam) marriages that are leaning towards divorce.

Even while supporting, coaching and mediating for hundreds (racking in) more than we ever dreamed possible.

Thinking - Better Divorce Academy

BDA works from a place of preparation instead of blind trust in the system.

We excel at the intersection of credentials and compassion, leveraging professional expertise and knowledge to find savvy, success-based solutions and a supportive, step-by-step journey through divorce and back.

It’s simple: We’ll help you make BETTER and WISER decisions with YOUR Blueprint, so you can lean into creating your new life and legacy.

Happy Man - Better Divorce Academy
Celebrate - Better Divorce Academy

Throw your hands up and say “Hell, yeah!” or just put on your dancing shoes and pour a glass of Sangiovese—mind pouring me one too, while you’re at it?’

“Divorce With Dignity and Start Feeling Happy and Whole.”


Hear From Stone Cold Foxes Just Like You​

If you keep in mind just one thing as you go through divorce, let it be this: you are NOT alone.
So many of us have stood exactly where you’re standing now: lost, anxious, confused.

We got this—together.

“Her experience, skills & empathy are unparalleled. She has some unique & creative methods of helping you find the positivity in your next chapter! ”
Jan Leasure
"Paulette's a game-changer in divorce litigation. With her guidance, you'll know what to do and she genuinely has YOUR best interests at heart, unlike others. No regrets hiring her."
Rachel Johnson
"Paulette was caring, knowledgeable, and supportive. She empowered me with answers, making divorce challenges easier. Forever grateful for her presence in tough times."
Brooklyn Simmons
"Thanks to Paulette, I found my inner strength again. She was more than a mediator; she went above and beyond my expectations. Answered all my questions and stood by my side until the very end, checking up on me. Truly an inspiration, forever grateful to have met her. Mediation process was seamless."
Claudia Emile
Michelle Mitchell
"Paulette strikes the ideal balance of empathy and fun. Her engaging approach makes you feel like you've known her for years. Through The Better Divorce Academy, she skillfully guides you through challenges, acting as a mediator, coach, and author. Her 'Thriving in Chaos' podcast is a rich source of knowledge."
Michelle Mitchell
"Paulette was caring, knowledgeable, and provided the space for me to bring all my questions and feel better equipped to face the challenges of divorce. I will be forever grateful to have had her presence during such a tough time."
Carlton Ford
D Green
"Working with Paulette helped me understand why I needed a divorce coach. She guided me through the divorce process, provided great advice and she is easy to talk to. She listens and don't forget what you tell her. She is definitely passionate about helping people during one of the most stressful and intense situation in a person life. "
D Green
"Paulette is very giving and understanding. She is a fair evaluator and a great coach. Thank you! "
Kym Wilson
"Paulette patiently guides you through each step of the process to analyze each parties' contribution and financial responsibilities in the event of separation or divorce. Her process is unique because it helps to reduce the emotional impact of the process. In the event of dividing and selling assets such as real estate, Paulette helps each party come to agreeable terms while avoiding a costly litigation process that could last as long as 2 years."
Avion Abreu
"Paulette was a great guide through my separation and divorce. She always was there to answer my questions, and helped us through mediation. Divorce may suck, bit she helped make the process less painful. Definitely recommend using her services!"
Meagan Luschen
"Paulette was amazing through this very difficult time for our family. She always stayed calm and was very professional. Absolutely beautiful person inside and out. Highly recommend working with her."
Jessica Lehmann
Jessica B
"Paulette is a true blessing. Her presence brings clarity, alignment, and support. Despite the chaos of divorce, she provides a calming perspective without overwhelming emotions. It's as if I've known her for years - her intelligence, wit, and empathy make her an incredible friend. I'm truly fortunate to have her by my side. <3"
Jessica Bermudez
Brittany Dixon
"Paulette is awesome! She is the absolute best mediator I've ever used and is such a heartwarming coach and individual. If you have ever experienced issues in your marriage or relationship Paulette is THE person to speak with. Call her now!"
Brittany M. Dixon, Esq.
"Paulette was such a calming force during a crazy and difficult time. She is knowledgeable, kind and efficient. I am thankful she was part of this grueling process and really helped navigate difficult conversations and decisions. She allowed us to stay focused and make strides that would have otherwise been almost impossible. I am so thankful for your help, Paulette! Highly recommend your services!"
Shannon Burke
"Paulette is a highly skilled professional with the expertise and wisdom to guide you through what can be a deeply painful transition in life. She lifts you up and makes sure you are doing all you need to be doing to protect yourself all through the process. With a deep level of compassion and insight she will lead, support and encourage you when you need it the most. I could not recommend her more highly."
Patricia O'Driscoll
"Paulette was such a calming force during a crazy and difficult time. She is knowledgeable, kind and efficient. I am thankful she was part of this grueling process and really helped navigate difficult conversations and decisions. She allowed us to stay focused and make strides that would have otherwise been almost impossible. I am so thankful for your help, Paulette! Highly recommend your services!"
Crystal Lawson
"I cannot boast about Paulette enough. She is a stellar friend, ally, and relationship advisor who has helped me navigate extremely difficult and emotionally-draining periods in my personal life. Her coaching and guidance is invaluable. I truly believe she is an expert in her field. I highly recommend Paulette to anyone seeking help during a divorce."
Lindsey Brush
"I can speak from personal experience the life changing growth and support I have received from Paulette’s insightful knowledge on divorce, and just plain living a better life!! Her first hand experience gives her not only expertise, but also compassion, when dealing with the difficulties life can throw our way. Her clients are not just clients to her, they are friends and peers who she invests tireless hours to ensure their success and well being!!"
Lara Seidel
"Paulette is absolutely amazing. She has helped me work through my break up and has been consistently available to me when necessary. She has also helped me see the light in other areas of my life that once didn’t seem so bright. Highly recommend working with her!"
Hannah Murphy
"Paulette, a divorce expert, provided invaluable support throughout my divorce journey. Her resources, including the 'Better Divorce Blueprint' book, were incredibly helpful. She's a caring, knowledgeable, and responsive professional who ensures you're not alone in this challenging process. Highly recommended!"
Laurel Alnquist

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Woking - Better Divorce Academy

Thinking of Divorce but Not Sure Where to Start?​

So you’re sick of crying and want results?

It’s about time.

Step into the Better Divorce Blueprint Boudoir. Let’s talk.


Because burying your head in the sand is a death sentence in the world of divorce.

whoa baby, you made it all the way down here.

You deserve this free gift...

Smart Divorce guide: 21 Strategies to Avoid Top Mistakes

You are not to blame

And Remember…

You are NOT to blame. You WILL get through this and be happy again.


Don’t believe me? Just watch.

Have Questions?

How can mediation save me money?

Traditional legal routes are costly and time-consuming. Our mediation process reduces your legal expenses and ensures a faster, kinder resolution.

What’s Included in Divorce Coaching?

Our Certified Divorce Coaches guide you through the process, help you make informed decisions and work to improve your mindset for a happier post-divorce life.
Gain the wisdom you need with cutting-edge coaching services designed for those seeking results!

30-Minutes Preparation and Planning Assessment

  • Our unbeatable $175 preparation and planning assessment, taking just 30 minutes, will lay the foundation for your success in knowing your best options.

Up to 90 Minutes Coaching Consultation

  • Elevate your progress with our exclusive one-on-one divorce coaching and private mediation consultation, spanning 60 to 90 minutes, at only $299.

Our team of expert coaches specializes in understanding your needs and analyzing your situation.

Let’s explore your goals, overcome challenges, and create a personalized roadmap to successfully divorce.

Invest in yourself and experience unparalleled support and expertise.