How Does Divorce Affect Productivity?

The decision to divorce, the process of divorce and the healing from divorce take an enormous toll on a person’s life, especially for working individuals. The overwhelm, fear, confusion and stress accumulate and most likely result in less productivity in all aspects of their life even in the most aware and conscientious.

Productivity being the bread and butter of any business, large or small, must be on point. It is essential to work efficiently and effectively at any given time. Your success and the success of your business depends on it.

How does divorce affect productivity?

There are many ways people who are going through divorce show less productivity in every aspect of their lives.

Research conducted by Grief Recovery Institute showed that an annual cost of $75 billion was due to serious emotional distress from the workplace. Divorce can cause high levels of anxiety and stress which result in physical and mental health deteriorating and could make personal and business healthcare bills rise.

The following are some indicators that anyone going through divorce can experience that causes less productivity:

  • Absences on a regular basis — A classic, acrimonious divorce necessitates regular meetings with attorneys and court appearances.
  • Tardiness — It could be due to their coping mechanisms like drinking alcohol or smoking or partying. They could come in looking haggard and numb.
  • Poor Performance/Concentration — Inability to concentrate and spending work time dealing with personal matters. You may also disclose every detail with others (distracting them), as well as dealing with childcare concerns.
  • Sick Leaves — Suffering from sadness and depression, which can lead to physical illness symptoms.

Professionally people managing divorce are more likely to be late or absent from work, perform poorly, and produce less than their coworkers. They’re also frequently absent psychologically, emotionally, and creatively, even when they’re at work.

Finding the right expert in the field of Human Resources whose main focus is to manage the success of each employees productivity and unique contribution to its company and also is aware of their own sensitivity of how every aspect of divorce affects them is vital to assist them in managing their emotions and knowing they have the tools and resources they need to divorce with dignity and create a better future for themselves and their family.

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