Designed to challenge and inspire you to expand your understanding of what it means to truly live your very best authentic life.

Welcome to Thriving In Chaos

The Podcast that is designed to inspire you to expand your understanding of what it means to truly live your very best life no matter what. Divorce Coach, Mediator and Host Paulette helps women leave behind the turmoil, confusion, and chaos of relationships and divorce. She introduces you to experts in their fields of relationships, marriage, parenting, mind-body wellness, career, business, finance, healing, and transformation. Each podcast episode focuses on sharing forward-thinking ideas from real-life situations. Isn’t it time you thrived?

Paulette is committed to lifting all women up… as she helps them help themselves.

She brings you the best, latest interviews with experts from the world of relationship, marriage, parenting, wellness, health, mind-body, travel, transformation and even considering an expat lifestyle. 

Each episode will focus on sharing forward-thinking ideas and expert tips. If you desire an inspired life in a safe, creative and empowering setting, this podcast is for you! If you seek a strong and sacred place to discover your path and envision your best next step AND a delightful future you have found it. Paulette strives to have each person connect to their best self in all areas of their life despite all of the daily chaos that gets thrown at us. 

Let’s laugh, ponder, cry and rejoice along the way together. Let’s explore Thriving In Chaos.

Dreaming of your better future is a human right. So thank you for bravely pursuing your dreams.

No more pretending.
No more repeating the past.
No regrets…

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