Signs and Life Events To Spot For Seeking Divorce Coaching

Signs and Life Events To Spot For Seeking Divorce Coaching

A divorce coach can help guide anyone before, during and after divorce through its many phases of contemplating, approaching, managing, surviving, recovering and transforming their lives with a wide range of emotional, organizational, motivational, and companionship issues while they move through divorce.

Starting with identifying why they feel divorce is their only option before deciding to start the journey.

Top 20 Reasons Why People Decide to Work With A Divorce Coach.

  • Having a problematic, high-conflict spouse
  • Making the difficult decision to divorce
  • Overwhelmed and disorganized
  • Developing financial confidence and knowledge
  • Post-divorce procedures and decisions
  • Thinking through divorce process decisions
  • How to work with an attorney and save money doing so
  • Talking to a spouse about divorce
  • Confidant to share emotions
  • Career/business decisions
  • Avoiding a costly legal battle
  • Effective communication with children
  • Co-parenting as a divorced father
  • Creating a divorce team (who to use and why)
  • Co-parenting as a divorced mother
  • Repair marriage
  • International divorce issues
  • Dealing well with separation
  • Step or grandparent of divorcing child
  • Couple abdicating responsibility

Why is working with a Divorce Coach beneficial?

  • A divorce coach will establish a safe environment for you. You’ll be able to talk about particular topics that are affecting you openly and honestly. You will also feel better if you share your worries and deal with reality rather than imagined difficulties.
  • The spotlight is on you, and you’ll receive assistance in dealing with your problems, difficulties, and desired objectives. A Divorce Coach will help you align your goals and values, support and guide you through the process of establishing what steps to take, how to do that, and hold you accountable as you walk down the path.
  • You’d have someone to depend on, which may be pretty helpful if your divorce was unexpected.

Building your awareness of the common patterns that people may demonstrate throughout the divorce process that can open the door to conversations regarding the need for expert guidance throughout the stages of this challenging time in their lives.

The earlier anyone embarking on divorce feels supported, guided, and understood, the more likely they are to manage the process by making better decisions leading them to redefine and rebuild their new life.  After the initial shock, fear and stresses of the divorce process are understood and wisely navigated they can manage their divorce with dignity allowing them to make better decisions and a better outcome.

Here’s your guide to spotting signs that anyone may be contemplating and managing divorce

  • Occasionally miss work, arrive late or leave early
  • They could come in looking haggard and numb due to stress, worry and fear
  • Tardiness — They could be juggling their responsibilities as a worker and a single/co-parent.
  • Having a hard time completing tasks and getting the job done due to overwhelming and additional concerns

If handled correctly, making available the services of working with a Divorce Coach can shift this life-altering experience into a more positive outcome for all.

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