Using Major Life Shakeups to Build Up Healthier Habits

According to the Atlantic, we all experience major life changes every 12 to 18 months. Many of these events are not so pleasant – think divorce, unemployment, bereavement, and similar – and can derail our carefully-laid life plans. But what if that’s not such a bad thing? What if your recent divorce is your chance to change your life for the better?

Below, Better Divorce Academy explains how you could use a life shakeup like a divorce to make healthier life choices;

Try to look for the opportunity in the crisis

No one truly likes shakeups – they invariably represent a departure from a familiar, comfortable way of being. But sometimes it’s only when the old is gone can something new – and better – take its place. If you no longer have old behaviors (or people) to fall back on, you have no choice but to replace them with something new. You could look at it as an opportunity to do things right – you could make healthier life choices and build up a more fulfilling life for yourself.

Eliminate stressful or toxic relationships 

One of the biggest impediments to happiness and the life of your dreams is toxic people who hold you back, try to control you, make you unhappy, and take without giving. If you have people who aren’t doing right by you and you don’t see any changes on the horizon, it may be time to cut them out of your life. Art of Charm offers some suggestions on how. Consider spending more time with healthier people who can support you (and your growth) instead. 

Resolve to care for yourself

While other people can help you look after yourself, you’re still ultimately responsible for your own well-being. If you’re reeling from a recent loss and being lax about your health, this is the perfect time to embrace a self-care routine. It will make you feel better about yourself and your life, and give you the energy you need to move forward positively. Some suggestions are exercising daily, hydrating more, going out in nature, listening to music, meditating, and eating healthy. 

Pick up an exciting new hobby

If you have a lot more spare time on your hands now, you should consider picking up a new hobby. They offer a constructive way to fill up your time and can bring you a lot of joy and excitement. Hobby Help lists 100 suggestions, with something for everyone. Some examples are hiking, archery, astronomy, toy collecting, juggling, and table tennis.

Go in a different career direction

Your career may be a source of fulfillment or frustration. If you feel stuck and need a boost, you could change up your career – perhaps by becoming your own boss. It can give you a great deal of flexibility and freedom. To get started, you need seed money, an idea, and a business plan. If you form an LLC, you can protect your assets from lawsuits and enjoy other benefits like tax breaks, less paperwork, and extra flexibility. You can avoid big lawyer fees by filing yourself or using a formation service. States have different regulations around LLC formation, be sure to check the rules locally before moving forward.

Networking and raising your profile are essential to secure long-term success. One of the best ways to do both is by distributing business cards. Business cards leave a lasting impression, are more visible than email, and offer potential contacts (or employers and clients) something tangible to remember you by. Designing a personalized business card is easy if you use a pre-made template. Give this tool a look – it lets you make custom cards by adding images, text, color schemes, and the font of your choice.

Relocate elsewhere

Relocating can seem like an extreme step, but it can do wonders for your mental and emotional well-being, especially if you’ve had a painful separation. It gives you a chance to move to a brand-new place, with different people, and start afresh. You’ll have a clean slate, you won’t be haunted (so much) by old memories, and you can move forward without the past holding you back. 

Get compassionate assistance from an expert

Sometimes shakeups can truly knock us off our feet. You may be having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and there’s no shame in that. You don’t have to heal or build up a healthier life alone – you can get compassionate assistance from Better Divorce Academy’s certified experts. We offer a variety of services, from private coaching to relaxing recovery retreats, that help you get back on your feet again. 


Humans are creatures of habit. We often develop behaviors that stay for a lifetime but aren’t always beneficial for our well-being. It takes a lot for most of us to want to turn a new leaf – such as a kick in the pants in the form of a major life transition. With the right attitude, you can use a shakeup like a divorce to build up positive new habits and, so, a better life.

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