Explore all your Possibilities After Divorce

Explore all your Possibilities After Divorce

Have you ever given any thought to your hidden talents? Or exploring hidden talents that you never fully developed? Hint hint…you picked up the guitar but quit because you didn’t have time…or your spouse told you that you didn’t have the talent.

It is also time to revisit your old passions.What did you love to do that you stopped doing when you got married or took a job or had a child or moved? What did you do when you were a kid that you miss doing? What do you like doing that you stopped doing because you felt you didn’t have time for it…like cooking or decorating or traveling or reading or going to the gym or running or…the list is long, I imagine? 
Write the answers to these questions in a journal. It is easier if you’re journaling. Get it down on paper, so it’s real and concrete and not just some random …nahhh…I can’t think of anything. Take the time to write down what you love to do. What you miss doing and what’s important to you. Can you create a small corner of your house to sit still, reflect and write every day for a few minutes? 
New possibilities are found in stillness. Sit in stillness and reconnect to the inner voices that have been dormant for way too long. It is time to wake them up. 

Next, it’s time to get out there!! When you know what you miss doing or always wanted to do. Research where near you other people do that, when they do it, how much it costs and if you know anyone else that likes to do that too.If money is a concern…and it always is when you are getting divorced… volunteer!
Everyone needs help with something. One of the best ways to get out of your head with your problems is to help other people with theirs.
No, you are not the only one with problems and fears. You are definitely not alone. 

Join a meet-up, a group or a club. Find other like- minded people who love to do what you love to do, even if it’s been 40 years! It’s never too late.

Now you say to me…but Paulette, I am not a social person. I am an introvert, or a homebody and I like to do things quietly by myself. That’s fine too!! Engage in an online course, commit to trying new foods, take a walk in nature, or engage in an activity you enjoy at home.

Start an online side hustle: Sell wine, make-up, essential oils, CBD products etc. You’ll love the money and you will make so many new friends.

It’s time to get inspired: Watch a Ted Talk, download a documentary, enroll in an adult education course.
Plenty of other people are looking to engage in fun, educational activities.
And for you extroverts…consider a group travel tour. Travel with a singles group to a location you have always wanted to go, but your ex didn’t …well NOW is the time to GO. Where did you want to go? Let’s make a list of locations and check on some travel deals.

Grab a friend and book a road trip or a getaway. You won’t regret it. It’s time to get excited about the future. I know you don’t know what that looks like yet…

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