How To Get Over Your EX NOW

How To Get Over Your EX NOW

If you are struggling with getting over your ex you need to take a few simple steps. 

Have you ever had trouble getting through a break up? Have you often asked yourself why it didn’t work out? Who’s fault was it? Who created the pain?

Difficult moments. It happens to everyone. We all experience and go through tough times. It is okay to feel lost and vulnerable. But know that you are not here alone.

    1) We create our own pain. 

  • It was not him that created the pain, it was my thoughts
  • Our thoughts create how we feel and how we respond
  • I feel loved because of my thoughts and the interpretation of those words from that person
  • My thoughts create my feelings not what someone else does or doesn’t do 

    2) Time does nothing to do with getting over your ex

  • When we wait for time to pass, we live more life and as we live more life, we have  aha moments as to why something happened in the past
  • Live a life very intentionally
  • Why break up happen for them, not to them

    3)Distractions don’t work, they make it worse

  • Travel, working out – I don’t wanna sit with my own thoughts
  • 50% positive, 50%negative emotions (It’s okay to sit with it)
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