Co-Parenting in Covid and Beyond

Co-Parenting in Covid and Beyond

The challenges COVID has brought to parents going through the process of divorce or coping up with life after divorce has taken precedence. 

How are people able to navigate these times right now? Parents have to take it slow and sit with what is in the best interest of their children and let go of ego based decisions. 

What is the best way for parents to change schedules without involving formal processes? Compassionate communication AND the use of co-parenting APPS prevent elevated angry conversations

What is the effect of badmouthing the other spouse in front of the children? The children are the ones who are damaged NOT the other parent. Keep all negativity out of the conversation. NO matter what. You can do it. If this is a challenge contact an expert to teach you techniques and tools to use that will help you effectively communicate. 

What are the best ways of communicating effectively with the other parent? 


Brief: Keep your conversations short and to the point. 

Informational: Do not elaborate…just give the details.

Friendly: Be polite, kind, respectful and friendly. 

Final: End the conversation after all the facts are exchanged. 

Playing good parents and bad parents isn’t helping anyone. NO children benefits from having a Disney Dad or a Fun Mom. 

Homeschooling success is possible! Be creative and flexible. Think back to what you loved about learning and give them the same experience.

What is a Co-parenting hero? Always reciting this question to yourself in times of stress. 

Do I love my kids more than I may dislike my ex?

Should people delay divorce at this time? IF need be yes…but you can always keep the momentum going with continuing to do your best with communication, respect and routine for the children.  Courts are backed up but that doesn’t mean parenting has to be. 

It really is hard to cope up in this new challenge we are facing now. Everything is new to us. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t start to live a better life for our children now.

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