Mediation as an Alternative to Litigation

Mediation is slowly but surely changing the landscape, overwhelm and long term damage that litigation involves in the difficult decision-making journey resulting in creating your best life ahead of you during and after the divorce process.

Mediation can make lemonade out of the lemons of divorce that also creates a path that will change the face of divorce in this country.

Creating a team of professionals that includes a Certified Divorce Coach and a Registered Mediator informs and empowers both partners as they prepare for and walk through each step of divorce to make it a kinder and gentler process for families. 

Mediation provides for a more inclusive holistic point of view so that they can work collaboratively with other professionals to get those families on their way to a new life with as little collateral damage as possible. 

The process of Mediation believes that families can be changed and don’t have to be destroyed. 

There are many legs to the divorce process and the real estate transaction is a very big part of this process. It is her pleasure to work with committed realtors to build their business and their brand in the divorce industry, as the real estate transaction will always need a human touch as families go through this difficult transition.

 This industry will not be overcome by the impersonal web, but will need the in-person, wise and educated specialist that this process deserves. Because it takes a village… 

Paulette is a Certified Divorce Specialist(™)  and a member of the National Association of Divorce Professionals and is dedicated to saving anyone preparing for, finding the strength and courage needed to get through the divorce process or beginning the healing process and creating the life they deserve and desire after the divorce is final endless resources, tool, tips and tricks to save time, money, relationships and heartache. 

Paulette has learned that Family Law differs in so many ways! 

“criminal law is bad people on good behavior 

family law is good people on bad behavior”

Let’s change that!

The process that Paulette uses combining a team approach is changing the stigma of divorce process and the overwhelm involved in the difficult decision-making journey. The upside is all about creating your future best life. 

It’s time to prevent families from being destroyed by financial burden and emotional distress. 

Better Divorce Academy informs and empowers each client that is undertaking the divorce process in order to make it a kinder and gentler process for all families.

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