The Challenge of Divorcing a Narcissist


These two words seem to go together often…too often. 

The devastating and confusing experience of being in a relationship with a Narcissistic Abuser leaves your head spinning with confusion and frustration. 

The personal experience and insight of others who have had this same encounter and relationship will open your eyes into the “inappropriate behavior” of an abusive marriage and why so many stay in relationships of control and abuse on average 7 years. 

What are the warning signs that are so easy to overlook? 

How does it feel to be in an emotional coma? 

How does the silent treatment play a role in a relationship? 

What is gaslighting? 

What are the stages of Narcissistic abuse? 

  1. Idealize: Everything is a bed of roses often called Love Bombing
  2. Devalue: The abuser now flips the coin and criticizes and finds fault with your everything (often called gaslighting) 
  3. Discard: The abuser see themself as a victim and blames, alienates and disregards (often called contempt)

There are 7 types of overall abuse include: 

  1. Sexual 
  2. Physical 
  3. Financial 
  4. Emotional 
  5. Mental 
  6. Psychological 
  7. Spiritual 

Narcissist is a word thrown around a lot. But true narcissists are a serious threat to any marriage behind closed doors. 

If you’ve been abused by a narcissist and no longer recognize the woman in the mirror staring back at you, it’s time you know what the warning signs are, like gaslighting and which behaviors to watch for, like the silent treatment. 

Learn the difference between real love and abuse disguised as love. Learn to trust your instincts again and stop doubting yourself. Get back in touch with the girl you used to be. You can recover from being married to a narcissist.

I help women who are suffering in marriages with narcissists learn to communicate effectively and no longer be a victim and take back their power.

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