What is a Certified Divorce Financial Planner

A Certified Divorce Financial Planner helps individuals and couples navigate the complex financial decisions involved in divorce. All of us have some reference of and experience with the impact a lack of knowledge and support can have on our ability to make smart decisions, know our options and understand the risk and consequences of our actions. 

You may not know what you have. You may not know what you’re entitled to. You may not know what to ask. You need someone by your side to educate, support and guide you through the process so you can find a brighter new beginning.

CDFA’s should have the experience of running the financial side of divorce and enjoy the  opportunity to help others navigate the complex but vital world of finance and most CDFA’s also  specialize in financial planning, wealth management, retirement and cash-flow planning.

As a divorce professional they know divorce and use their financial education to empower women and men in the midst of a divorce. They are trained and experienced in analyzing the personal, business and tax issues inherent in the divorce process. And they provide education, support and guidance to help her clients find their way to an equitable settlement and a brighter new beginning.

In times like these, It’s hard to think about all the things that divorce can bring to life and its impact financially to your children and their future.

Are you confident that you will survive the struggles it will bring? Are you prepared to face the possibilities head on?

We need to carefully address the questions that we often ask ourselves when we talk about being financially secure in our life when we go through with divorce.

It’s time to walk smartly through the process in making better financial choices for a better future.

It is important for us to learn and be aware of our rights

This is not just for ourselves to be able to jumpstart our lives to a new one but also to secure the future of our children.

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