Can there be a Divorce Success Story using Mediation? Absolutely!

Can there be a Divorce Success Story using Mediation?


What does a successful or perfect marriage look like for you? Having good communication with your partner? Having been married for a long time? 10, 20, or 50 years?

Does it even exist?

I was motivated by one of the most resilient and strongest women I’ve known, Pam Roy, as she guides us on how she was able to protect her family and at the same time save herself from a non-nurturing marriage.

Pam Roy is an advocate of mental health and wellbeing of children and young adults. She uses her skills in writing, speaking and mentorship in promoting her advocacy and providing help to these people.

Paulette is also passionate in educating parents and families about the importance of seriously considering mediation as alternative to litigation as a method of divorce. 

Many times the roles and goals in marriage change and each partner is left feeling very differently about the marriage. 

There are often two lifetimes of a marriage (Marriage of a family and Marriage of companionship) and the end of a marriage is not always the end of a relationship. 

Longevity is often the definition of a successful marriage in society and that can be one very important aspect of marriage. But what do you do when your marriage is hurting you or your marriage is damaging the children by staying in a marriage that is empty or dead? 

So many know that the marriage is over physically and emotionally but don’t want to end to damage the family dynamic. Is it possible to keep the family but not keep the marriage? 

Some say yes. 

Now that isn’t possible in all situations but it is something that should be a desired outcome. 

Many couples have a different approach to arriving at the decision of divorce that could result in a long, messy, legal battle…that will be costly, damaging and financially destabilizing. Understanding the process makes a big difference and the outcome can be drastically different based on the mindset and approach you take. 

Breaking the news to children could be the easiest part of divorce is the right approach is not considered and taken. 

First, both partners must prepare for transparency and desire the same amicable outcome for mediation to work. 70% of couples that mediate are successful. 

The results are spectacular when both parties feel heard, validated, understood and respected and the results are happier kids and more successful co-parenting. 

Divorce is an event in a marriage that encounters unavoidable suffering when each partner’s own uniqueness, needs, desires and value are not considered.  

Although each of us are unique and people who are going through this moment of their life have different reasons, divorce doesn’t have to be devastating. It doesn’t have to totally destroy us financially. And most of all doesn’t have to rip apart the family.

Mothers do not have to suffer alone in silence because they can create the best life they deserve and desire. They have the right to be happy and to be the best and most powerful versions of themselves.

Mediation is a better divorce experience.

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