Save Money, Time, Relationships and Heartache By Learning the Art of Negotiation

Save Money, Time, Relationships and Heartache By Learning the Art of Negotiation

The process of divorce is full of negotiating. It is rare that everyone gets everything they want. 

When both parties can not agree or who gets what they want the arguing begins. 

There are “Stages of Negotiating” in divorce that should be understood before demands are made and the damage is done. 

The stigma of being divorced keeps many couples from seeking the help they need to avoid damaging conflict and learn how to adequately negotiate. The stigma of being labeled divorced and feeling like a failure keeps couples together when they are better off apart. 

Where did this stigma come from, why is it there and what could we do to change it?

This is a debate and discussion that has occurred for centuries.  

What is the greatest lesson that she wants to teach your children about divorce in the


Relationships end but it doesn’t mean you failed.

It is time to clearly know what you NEED versus what you WANT. What are your non-negotiables? How do you want to look back at your divorce 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now? What do you want to remember? 

Did you destroy your spouse and your children?

Did you treat them with respect and kindness?

Did you act fair and reasonable? 

Did you come to the table willing to fully disclose and act in such a way that both you and your partner were open.

It is an opportunity to grow and be better. It is an opportunity to prepare yourself for the best one that’s about to come. It is an opportunity to be good to yourself. Separate yourself from the pain and make a break.

Get back the energy that you lost from all those fighting. Isn’t that what you need??

Never tell yourself that you’re the reason why people left.

Take responsibility for what you’ve done but never blame yourself for what happened. Invest in your own happiness. Love and respect yourself.

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