Identity Theft Protection During Divorce

Identity Theft Protection During Divorce

Divorce is the time when you need to protect your identity particularly in these uncertain times.

Now more than ever women, children and seniors are victims of having their identity stolen leading to legal and financial troubles.

We all experience change in our lives and change creates and exposes our personal and financial information and makes it more available to thieves.

Any change can make you more vulnerable. Job, relationship, move, divorce, death in family to name a few.

These experiences are traumatic enough without adding to it the devastating effects of identity theft.

Switching roles, pretending we’re someone else and assuming another person’s identity.

Although it may look like a playful innocent activity… when it revolves around technology and a stranger assumes your identity, it is a very serious matter..

If your children’s identity is stolen it will greatly affect them and could eventually become a legal and financial nightmare.

We all need this information now.

Any change can make you more vulnerable. Job, relationship, a move, divorce, death in family… just to name a few.

What does an Identity Theft expert do?

How do you know when something’s up with your identity?

What to do when identity theft happened to you?

How kids can become victims of identity theft?

Who are identity thieves?

Divorce more than any other time in your life is the time to get identity theft protection. 

Scary, Isn’t it? That someone assumes your identity without you knowing it ever.

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